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Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Response to The Post

There has been, yet another, article on The Red Rose Dairies. Link here: http://www.murfreesboropost.com/losing-pieces-of-the-past-cms-26462 If you don't want to read it, I can spell out the underlying tone of the article. Basically, there is no hope. Sure, they use words like "optimistic", but what they are optimistic for is that something better will replace the building that is being torn down.
The major issue they have with the Rose, is parking. Are they kidding? That is a big building with a big lot. If they would incorporate the back end of the lot with the soda shop on the corner, they could easily have enough parking. That building is large enough to hold so much. I'm sure there is a way to take all of the separate parts of the building and join them to one main focus. Hell, even if they did keep the different parts of the building separate, they could add a walk-around from the back to the front. People just have to be creative and utilize the space they have. It could easily work.
This doesn't look like "A lost cause" to me. It looks like a chance for renovations and new beginnings for an old building that should get a little more respect for it's architecture alone.

Stop shuffling your feet and get on board!
In my previous blog about The Rose I listed all of the improvements that need to be made to bring it up to code. I need volunteers and I need people ready to stand to prevent The Rose from being demolished. It's easy to read an article or a blog post and say that you care. But I need people willing to pull up their boot straps and do something. We are in Tennessee after all!

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