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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I just had my apartment complex call to tell us that someone had complained about the content on the website that my truck was advertising. Though, they can't legally tell me to do anything about it, because it's not in the lease that advertising on a vehicle is not allowed. Apparently, parents don't want their children to get on my website, because the content is not appropriate. I'm sorry, but isn't it the parents' job to keep their children off my website? I am not obligated to post a sign saying that it's not appropriate for children. However, the parents of the children should feel obligated to keep them off if they don't want them looking at it.


  1. I agree. I live here too, and I'm really surprised anybody would have complained...I'm offended by how much football players make, but it's not like my complaints would fall on anything but deaf ears should I complain about your Penn State stickers...LOL

  2. Those are not MY penn state stickers. :P

  3. wow what idiots!! I feel the same way you do that's craaaaaap!! That was a wasted phone call to begin with..did they try to tell you to cover it up?

  4. I live here as well. I see nothing wrong with what your have done and sometimes what constitutes acceptability to some people might not work for others. I'm not big on social norms or any of that crap so live and let live.


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